Positioning and SEO: related but not the same

Positioning and SEO are often mentioned together and sometimes even as synonyms in some markets. Of course both terms are very related to each other since the S.E.O. derives from the Positioning as established by Jack Trouth in the Marketing science some decades ago… but: are SEO and Positioning the same?

Some terms are very related without being necessarily the same. For example: cooking and food.  Though COOKING and FOOD are two different concepts. COOKING is a verb and an activity and FOOD is  substantive and is the GOAL of the previous activity.

Same thing happens with SEO and POSITIONING. Positioning must always be the main goal for any Search Engine Optimization , but we don´t “do positioning” we make OPTIMIZATION searching for  BETTER POSITIONING. The positioning is an organic result. When it happens in the internet it is called KEYRANKS inside the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page.

When Jack Trout established Positioning as a battle for the mental space on a specific consumer´s segment he set the basis for S.E.O. as well as how we can see the S.E.O. as an effort to get  good positioning inside the SERPs, and this will affect of course the “mental space” for the potential customers.

S.E.O.. is an activity, a coordinated amount of effort fighting to accomplish the best visibility in the world wide web.

So SEO and Positioning are very related words as cooking and food but they are not synonyms.

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