¡Next gen Panda is coming to seo workers!

Everybody love Pandas… except seo workers. For most people Panda means a tender and lovely breathing teddy bear. For each seo worker Panda means a nightmare creature mutating all the time. And the next mutation is around according with Matt Cutts.

seo worker´s nightmare

An unknow Panda update is coming soon…


Google’s Matt Cutts spoke at the Search Marketing Expo past week.  The news is that they are working on the “next gen” of the Panda update. Of course: if PS4 and XBOX ONE arrived.. why not a next gen update?   But the key here is this new version of Panda will be softer and perhaps friendly to small sites and small businesses.

Great news for small business owners customers but as a seo worker i am a little (in fact VERY) concerned  that people are going to consider it a reason to relax about content. Just wen seo workers convinced customers about the importance of quality content and social media efforts Google is giving them a reason to go a little lax on the quality and the content and social media that is needed to rank well.

Our customers (small business owners or not)  need to understand that Panda is a filter that runs once a month and it is designed to weed out low quality sites (like the sites of ALL my competitors of course).  I figured this new change is going to help make it easier for smaller companies that have a harder time keeping up with the big players.

But remember : the regular Google algorithm still comes into play here.  So building quality content,  avoid spam or duplicate content being active on social media is still  the stairway to Google´s heaven in the long term.

Some seo workers think we are not facing a new challenge.

“This would not be the first time Google released a softer Panda update. They did a softer update to the Panda algorithm possibly in July of last year.” (Barry Schwartz , SMX sister site Search Engine Land)

But true or not, it seems to be a good idea to take next gen update as reason to increase the social media efforts and content production SPECIALLY on our small business web sites.

Matt Cutts reiterated that Panda updates are monthly and Penguin updates are up to six months between roll-outs and he also said if you’ve hit by Panda, you should be able to recover in two to three months so nothing to worry about… please avoid to kill the Panda bear in your next visit to the zoo please.

Seo workers are not sure exactly when the “next generation” Panda will start affecting our work. Some SEO specialists think it will be at least two or three months, but is just speculation.  May be we can open a Panda Loto to make the waiting more interesting.

But keep in mind there is also a chance we won’t know nothing at all about it, since Google isn’t announcing Panda updates anymore… if you work in the SEO industry as a worker you need to be prepared since now and start preparing your customers about the new opportunity for small business and advising about decrease efforts due to a wrong sense of security against the big boys in the web around.

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