SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Every year, search engine marketers do all they can to expand brand identities and create unforgettable marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing blunders are commonplace – mistakes are what help us identify the road to success. Yet some snafus are so outlandish, so utterly awe-inspiring for the lack of consideration and offenses, that they provide glaring examples of what not to do for the rest of us.

As you read the selection of this year’s biggest advertising boo-boo’s, bear in mind these are easier than we think to step into. Marketers normally have insane trajectories and goals and equally unrealistic deadlines, as well as ever-shrinking budgets. We all have made decisions on the fly that perhaps were better left out of the public eye. Be thankful to the folks who enacted the mistakes below; they did so that we don’t have to follow suit.

With the presence of social signals continuing to gain steam, lots of people don’t realize that mishandling a Search Engine Marketing campaign can become an issue not only among their followers & connections, but also among the general public within organic search results. It’s more important now than ever to manage your SEM  with great scrutiny, and realizing the power at your fingertips while utilizing it with tact and foresight will often merit great response.

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